New paper at European Journal of Political Economy

25 May 2022

Forthcoming paper at EJPE, coauthored with Colin Krainin, examines the relationship between Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) design and policy communications.

The Stability and Growth Pact after the European Semester (JCMS, 2021)

7 December 2021

New paper (with Mark Hallerberg) published at JCMS.  We examine the determinants of the Council of Ministers's editing of the European Commission recommendations to Member States after the introduction of the European Semester i

EITM Europe 2021 Text As Data: Theory and Application

27 January 2021

The program provides an introduction to the most recent developments in quantitative textual analysis and with a particular focus on linking applications with theory. Free participation, subject to conditions, 14 June to 25 June 2021 on an online platform.

Opportunistic not Optimal Policy published at CPS

19 May 2020

Economists have long argued that central banks ran by technocrats have greater independence from the government.

Crafting Consensus

2 May 2020

I am so excited to say that my book is finally available on the Oxford University Press website.

Workshop at the Central Bank of Ireland

16 January 2020

I'm delighted to be co-hosting a workshop entitled "Opportunities and Challenges in Economic Policy Communications" at the Central Bank of Ireland on January 17. Follow my hashtag #CBAficionado. Workshop program is here

IPES 2019 Best Paper Award

29 November 2019

So pleased that our paper "Central Bank Communication as Public Opinion? Experimental Evidence" was selected for the David A Lake best paper presented at IPES 2018.

Summer School at Waseda

2 September 2019

So happy to be teaching at Waseda's Summer Research Course in Tokyo, Japan (September 9 to September 20).

Quantitative Text Analysis

6 August 2019

Another fabulous cohort of excited students learning QTA at the summer school at Essex. 

A Textual Taylor Rule now out at PSRM

20 September 2018

You can find it here!

EITM Europe

26 June 2018

EITM Europe 2018 is underway in the beautiful loction of Torino, Italy. The first module on statistics from June 25 until June 27 (and the math refresher from June 23 until June 24) will be taught by James Lo (University of Southern California), the theoretical modul

SFB 884 Phase 3 Awarded!

25 November 2017

The collaborative research center SFB 884 was informed of its renewal for 4 more years. I was awarded a ``Mercator Fellowship'' by the German Science Foundation for my collaborations with projects C4 and B6. 

Documenting the Unauthorized in Economics and Politics

22 September 2017

We are thrilled to announce that our paper ``Documenting the Unauthorized: Political Responses to Unauthorized Immigration'' is now published at Economics and Politics.

What better to do in the summer than a course on Text As Data?

29 March 2017

London School of Economics Blog Post

22 September 2016

My research with Mark Hallerberg was highlighted by the LSE in the blog post ``An uneven playing field: Larger EU member states receive weaker Commission oversight than smaller states''

Washington Post's @monkeycageblog reports on the EU and fiscal policy

4 May 2016

See our research on the euro crisis highlighted in my recent Monkey Cage post 

Washington Post's @monkeycageblog reports on immigration and elections

17 March 2016

See our research on immigration highlighted in my recent Monkey Cage post 

IPE at the LSE

27 January 2016

I'm excited to be presenting a chapter from my fortcoming book, ``Crafting Consensus'' at the LSE's IPE Workshop in London on January 29, 2016. You can read a paper version of the talk here

Our paper Instability in the Stability and Growth Pact is accepted at CPS

14 December 2015

Ever wondered if it was powerful Member States or weaker Member States that weakened the Stability and Growth Pact? We find that Large Member States such as Germany and France as well as Euroskeptic Member States helped to erode the watchdog function of the European

Documenting the Unauthorized: Political Responses to Unauthorized Immigration

19 June 2015

Our paper Documenting the Unauthorized: Political Responses to Unauthorized Immigration (new working title) to be presented at the inaugural Virtual IPES. Please listen in and give us your feedback. 

Estimating Central Bank Preferences paper to be presented in San Francisco

15 June 2015

Our paper ``Estimating Central Bank Prefernces'' was selected for the 2015 APSA Pre-Conference on Political Communication, ``#Disruption: Political Communication in a Digital Age.'' The 13th annual Pre-Conference on will be held Wednesday, September 2, 2015, at the University of San Francisco in

Monetary Policy and Central Banking

20 February 2015

``Esimating Central Bank Preferences'' presented at Monetary Policy and Central Banking: Historical analysis and contemporary approaches conference at Princeton University, February 6-7, 2015.