New paper at European Journal of Political Economy

Forthcoming paper at EJPE, coauthored with Colin Krainin, examines the relationship between Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) design and policy communications. Using a formal model, the paper ranks shows that different committee types vary according to their level of strategic vaguness. Importantly, the model predicts that divided committees (those with oppositional members or factions) communicate more precisely than those whose members are all in agreement.

The Stability and Growth Pact after the European Semester (JCMS, 2021)

New paper (with Mark Hallerberg) published at JCMS.  We examine the determinants of the Council of Ministers's editing of the European Commission recommendations to Member States after the introduction of the European Semester in the period 2011–18. Unlike previous work, we find little evidence of a systematic relationship between euroscepticism and textual editing.